“People who accomplish a great many things are people who have freed themselves from biases. These are the creative people.”  – Milton H. Erickson

Imagine a Life Full of Meaning and Success … What Would That feel like for you?

the-giftInvest in Yourself and Create Your Meaningful Life with the Gifts of Insight, Focus, Creation, Empowerment and Manifestation!


Create Your Meaningful Life Now – Two Day Workshop

Not only fun, insightful, informative … IT WORKS!

3D Create Your Life ManualAre you ready to find out a lot about yourself? Maybe you’ll even discover insights you forgot or didn’t realize about yourself. Because, you are about to delve into a world of learning to experience yourself as a creator, your focus is on what YOU really, really want … not what others want for you or think you “should” want. You are going to discover, from your heart … what it is YOU really want, what holds meaning for you then create steps you need to take to get it!

To create what you want in life it’s necessary to start from the beginning and take a look at where you are now:

In order to WIN at getting what you really want, there are 3 steps we must take to set the stage:

  • You begin by gathering information on key areas of your life. What is working and where would you like change?
  • Working with processes to empower, you interweave and integrate your true desires. Are you congruent within yourself? Are there obstacles standing in the way? Do we need to design up-dated strategies for you?
  • Next, we work through process designed to assist you to gain clarity on what you want in a way that gives life to your creation. So, then it’s easier for you to stay on course using a map and a system you’ve created of how to reach your destination.

There Are 3 Parts to Create Your Meaningful Life

  1. As you begin a process to take a look at your life, questions are designed to “tease outwin-win” what you really want in contrast to where you are now.
  2. Once completed you gain clarity. Then begins the process to interweave and integrate the pieces together that build your blueprint.  This begins a process of re-alignment which means, your blueprint is now taking shape and you are releasing the old and becoming more clear. What needs to be released for you to realign to your new goals? What can be maintained and what will that look, feel and sound like to you now? Now you can see where you want to go and how you can get there.
  3. You are ready to begin navigating through your blueprint or map. Re-align, chart your course and … of course, rewrite your story. I have processes which makes this process fun and insightful for you.

So, as you can see, this 3 part program when combined creates a strong, winning combination … the WIN Method … IT WORKS!

W – Discover your “What:” “What is it you want?” or “What would you like to have happen?”

IInterweave and integrate – processes to sift through and reveal your true expression.

NNavigate and re-align –  Day to day, navigating through your story and re-script your life.

This is a 2 day course, beautifully designed for Zoom. Of course there is homework and it is homework you’ll love because it’s all about YOU!

Since COVID began, more and more people have been going within to re-evaluate their life

Take a look at where you are now. Perhaps your values have changed. The best way to press your reset button is to do this is through a program because it gives you structure (simple steps you can follow), keeps you organized (and focused), less confused and gently guides you to re-evaluate where you are now. What are your best next steps and how can you easily make that happen?

If you would like to sign up now or receive additional information on this workshop or any other trainings on this website, please contact us.

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What You Will Receive:

  • Create Your Meaningful Life/Journal
  • 2-Day Workshop with Mentoring
  • Follow-up session
  • Certificate of Completion

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