“Until you are willing to be confused about what you already know, what you know will never grow bigger, better or more useful.” – Milton Erickson

Learn NeuroLinguistic Programming Certification Training …

NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training This is an Advanced Training

As in The Basic Practitioners Course, This Level of Training Continues to be Fast Paced and Dynamic

Now that you have learned the basics of NLP, the Master Practitioner Training introduces advanced language patterns. It builds upon your knowledge and sharpens your awareness. When you sign up now to become an NLP Master Practitioner, your training begins.

So, what will you learn in the NLP Master Practitioner Training?

You will have the opportunity to:retrain-your-mind

  • Delve deeper into the Meta Programs to discover if you are more internal or external. This determines how someone feels about something as opposed to going by what someone says about something.
  • Determine if and when you are primarily a toward or away from person. Do you move away from unpleasantness and pain or toward what you really want?
  • Explore the difference between noticing the “big picture” or are you more comfortable working with the details? Do you thrive when you are expressing your independence or are you a team player and what does that say about you?


In order for you to make a decision, do you act upon seeing something once or do you need to see it several times?

  • And, do you enjoy taking action or would you rather think about it for a while? All of this has significance for you and those you workmand have relationships with. During this training you will learn the significance of what it means for you and how you can change it for yourself and others.I-am-thinking
  • You will look at how to maintain rapport and why it might serve you to fall out of rapport.
  • Work with magic words to empower your conversations and storytelling as well as working with words to avoid. You will also learn a simple technique that makes a huge difference in conversation. You can use this technique to create change when working with yourself and others.
  • Go deeper into transforming limiting beliefs and build rapport while eliciting criteria.
  • Learn the magic of delivering commands and embedded commands.
  • There are so many new techniques it would take me several pages to list them for you here. Additionally, you will experience the power of over 60 new language patterns to assist you in business and in your daily life.

What you will receiveNLP Logo

  • Student Training Manual (NFNLP Master Practitioner) and all student materials
  • Upon completion of the Course, you will receive Certification as NFNLP Master Practitioner
  • One year Membership and Certificate to National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Programming
  • Excellent Training and a firm foundation into the techniques and trainings of NLP!

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If you have taken NLP Basic and are ready to sign up for NLP Master level, please call Divine Love Institute or click the “contact us” button below




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