“Every person’s map of the world is unique as their thumbprint. There are no two people alike. No two people who understand the same sentence the same way … so in dealing with people, you try not to fit them to your concept of what they should be.”  – Milton H. Erickson

NLP Training …

Would You Like to Deepen Your Understanding of Self and Others?

the-giftLearn How Your Mind Works, How You Can Shift it and in The Process Give Yourself the Gift of Transformative Change, Empowerment and Freedom!


Have you ever wished for a magical manual for life? One that shows you how to obtain or achieve what you really, really want?

 Well, NLP has been described as a handbook to get what it is you truly want. It is the study of human excellence. It’s change work and it is technology you can learn and use to transform yourself and others. It is a practical application of how people think.


What is NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP)? How did it get its name?

The term Neurolinguistic Programming was introduced by Alfred Habdank and Starbek Korzybski. And, it is an integration of several disciplines including neurology, psychology, linguistics, cybernetics and systems theory.

Neuro – The way you use your senses to collect information from the external world, your mind and your nervous system. How you take in information and process your experience of it.

Linguistic – Your ability to use words to influence others and yourself. Your language and how you use it.

Programming – The structures you use to make decisions and perform other key functions. How you motivate yourself to get things done and achieve your goals and objectives.

How can NLP Help me?

upgrade-your-thinkingThe more you explore your existing core beliefs, values, etc., the more you begin to understand what you have created in your life. Working with NLP you have a choice of multiple techniques and approaches. You can then apply them to your experience and create rapid change in your life. The more you know about NLP, the more excited you are to learn NLP for yourself and create positive, lasting change in your life.

If I learn NLP for myself, what will it do for me?

To begin with, NLP is a treasured communication skill, wherever human communication skills can enhance results in any of your life:

Meditation – counseling – life coaching – therapy – business consultant – management – public speaking – sports performance – parenting – personal and professional relationships – nursing – communicating with your boss – working with the public – written, spoken, even non-verbal forms of communication. And, of course much, much more

After you have taken NLP, you will begin to notice areas of your life in ways you hadn’t noticed them before. This is because you are looking at life in new ways. Your awareness is sharper allowing you to perceive your life in new ways. Many students of NLP have reported that their world looks, feels and even sounds different to them after they have taken the course.

If I do take the course, what type of results can I expect using NLP?

Many people who have taken the course have reported that they have noticed the impact of the past can shift or change. They have improved their athletic performance and concentration. Students have reported an improvement in their grades. In fact, many have just said that after taking the course, NLP has improved all areas of their life just as taking action and taking the course can improve yours now.

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