“At any given moment, you have the power to say: This is not how the story is going to end.” – Christine Mason Miller

Akashic Record Consultation …

the-giftLearning How You Can Access Your Akashic Record Is The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself: The Gift Of Wisdom, Healing and Divine Insight!


Are you ready to tap into the insight and wisdom recorded in your Akashic Record?

An Akashic Consultation is sometimes referred to as a reading. The difference is an Akashic Consultation is exactly that. When your Records are accessed, you consult within your Records and can tap into the wisdom contained within. This means your consultation reveals your truth and answers in response to your questions

Since an Akashic Record Consultation begins with your questions, here are some areas that might be of interest to you:

Soul Growth
Divine Direction
Creative Expression
Alignment to Life Purpose
Repeating patterns and addictions
Influences affecting you from outside sources
Soul Mates, Twin Flames and Soul Groups in your life
Patterns and influences brought through from past lives
Dreams you don’t understand or that may be reoccurring

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It’s important for you to remember that during a consultation your work in the Records is done with an open heart from a neutral perspective. Consequently, information which energetically comes forth from your records is meant to bring healing and harmony to your soul.

To further explore your possibilities for your Akashic Consultation, please contact me!





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