“Your life isn’t some prerecorded movie where, no matter how many times you watch it, the ending remains the same. Your life is a book in progress, and you are the author. So if you don’t care for the main character or the gloomy scenery or how the twisted plot is unfolding, then do something to change it. You write your own story.” -Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes: Quotes, Thoughts, & a Little Poetry for Every Day of the Year


Akashic Record Consultation & Certification

the-giftLearning How You Can Access Your Akashic Record Is The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself: The Gift Of Wisdom, Healing and Divine Insight!


For a pure and spiritual way to live your life, Akashic Records shows you the way.

Akashic LogoMuch has been said and written about the Akashic Record

What is it and how does it work?
To be simple and brief: When you access your Akashic Records you are gaining entry into another level of consciousness. One that is neutral in nature, a field of information that contains all info from your past, present and future possibility. It has been called your book of life and it knows you very well. It deals with both outer and inner programming and once you gain access to this field of energy you really know the answers of life as it pertains to you (if you are in your own Records).

So, once you gain access, you can find out about:Akashic I

  • Relationships
  • Repeating Patterns of “luck” or “stuck”
  • Soul Mates
  • Any (perceived) blocks or mistakes
  • Your life path
  • Karmic patterns (and more)

And, you can seek advice on the best way you can shift or release limitations, change your life, or start a new career.

When I first discovered I could access this field of information, it changed my life completely

I no longer say “I don’t know,” because now I  DO know. Once you take responsibility to find out what is actually holding you back and how you can change it (and you can always change some aspect of it), a pathway opens and you can see a bright light shinning through the tunnel.

Wheel-of-lifeI have been accessing the Akashic Records since 2001 and teaching others since 2004. Akashic is definitely my passion, I cannot imagine anyone not knowing how to access this information. For this reason, teaching others to gain access and work in the Akashic Records is my passion and my mission.

Please visit my sister website: https://www.akashicworkshop.com
The entire website is dedicated to Akashic Record Teachings. I am the developer of Akashic Record Wisdom Prayer Process®, a Trademark and copy written program dedicated to Akashic Records.

The first three levels are directed towards learning to access the Akashic Record:

  1. Learn how to access your own Akashic Record in Level I
  2. Clear your ancestral patterns and learn how to access the Record of Another in Level II
  3. Re-write your Karmic Contract in Level III

Becoming familiar with the processes and how you can individualize working in your Record is the focus of the personal development levels of Akashic.

To view the entire program and see how you can benefit from accessing your Akashic Record, please visit:


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What You Will Receive:

  • Akashic Workshop Manual/Journal
  • Certificate, upon completion of Workshop
  • One day Training with Nancy Duke, Teacher/Mentor
  • Additional 1 hour session Free of Charge as follow-up
  • I make myself available to answer your questions or assist you with navigating through the Records as needed.

To sign up for an Akashic Workshop please call Divine Love Institute or click the contact us button below:




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