Quick Tips on Affirmations & How to Use Them …

I am frequently asked: Do affirmations really work? Then it’s followed by stories of either how they did or didn’t work. So, what is it, do they work or not?

Well, the answer is yes and no …

Here’s what I mean. To begin with, an affirmation is created by the conscious mind. However, we want the affirmation to be accepted by the subconscious or unconscious mind in order to be effective.

So to begin with, an affirmation, in order to be accepted by the unconscious mind, needs to be in rapport with it. This means when you speak or think the affirmation you do not want to experience internal rejection. This is the voice in your head that tells you it’s not going to work. For example, you may say something like:

I am healthy, wealthy and wise.

I-am-affirmationsIf you’re sick, or poor (and we don’t even want to look at “wise” for the moment), if you use this short affirmation it probably won’t work. You may feel some internal resistance. Perhaps that little voice in your head is saying something like:

“Oh yeah? How do you think that’s going to happen.”

This is because you are not congruent within yourself. Meaning, you know that affirmation is not true for you. So, your unconscious is stepping up to tell you so. You can continue saying an affirmation like this and it may never go anywhere. This is when people get discouraged.

“They” say that if you tell yourself something enough you begin to believe it. In this case I’m not so sure, perhaps in time you can talk yourself into it but …

I have a better solution

Well, there are ways around this

  • As a Heal Your Life® Coach, I look to see what Louise Hay would say. Louise Hay would offer ways to work with the affirmation to create resonance. For example: the same affirmation may end up looking something like this:

“I am willing to (or I am becoming) healthy, wealthy and wise.

Actually, I would probably take one at a time and break them up to see how it resonates.

  • I am willing to become healthy
  • I am willing to become wealthy
  • Every day in every way, I am willing to become healthy and wealthy.

See how it feels, how does it resonate?

If you are still experiencing internal rejection the wording needs to change until it feels good inside. Until you feel “YES” when you say your affirmation.

Affirmations are fun and work with and are effective for many. The key is to find the affirmation that resonates with you. Stay tuned …  you will be hearing more from me about affirmations.

Nancy Duke

Heal Your Life® Coach, (working with the philosophy of Louise Hay)



Nancy Duke

The author of this post is Nancy Haney Duke, Co-Founder of Divine Love Institute. In addition to Teaching others how to access their Akashic Records, Nancy frequently schedules Hypnosis and NLP Certification Training and holds Gendai Reiki circles and training for the Divine Love Institute community.

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