Hi, I'm Nancy Duke, Co-Founder of Divine Love Institute. If you've been Feeling restless lately? Wanting to make changes in your life? Well, you've come to the right place at the right time & we're glad you're here! Please continue looking through the pages of this website, there may be something here especially for you.

Our Center is founded on the concept of individual empowerment as an integral part of one's healing. Our programs and services are designed and delivered with three things in mind ... to empower YOU to heal, create a better life and consciously master your destiny!

Magic of Coaching

Are there goals or projects you would like to accomplish but it doesn't seem to happen? Our Coaching helps you with focus, accountability, motivation, inspiration and success. With our support, you can accomplish with Coaching what you could not accomplish on your own!

Invest in Yourself

Add value to your life through learning. Investing in your personal growth aids in healing and self love. Our trainings & workshops are taught in a safe and confidential atmosphere. Upgrade your life and give yourself the gift of investing in yourself, you're worth it!

Get New Tools

Are you currently working with clients and are interested in attaining a new service to offer? Certification in Hypnosis, NLP and Akashic Records is offered. You can train at your own pace, one-on-one or wait for a scheduled class.

Deepen Your Spirituality

Do you feel called to become an Ordained Minister? As Alliance of Divine Love Ministers we offer Ministerial Classes. ADL is an International Interfaith Ministry working with the concept of the greatest degree of love.

Refresh and Upgrade

Have you had training in the past and would like to refresh or upgrade your skills? We work with the most up-to-date trainings and workshops. We are continually updating our trainings to bring you the most current information and best practices.


While my life has been dedicated to teaching personal development and inner change work, my passion is to provide a safe space for you to blossom, develop self-love and grow. Consequently, your success IS my success. My mission is to work with individuals ready to discover and explore their inner truth, love, wisdom and the authority that guides them.

– Nancy Haney Duke



Have you found yourself feeling unfocused lately? Craving fulfillment & purpose in life? Is it time now to let go of old ways of being to explore ways of change that add meaning to life? If this is you, take a long deep breath & know you are welcome here because ... you have come to the right place!

Knowledge gives you greater awareness which leads to greater freedom of choice. Are you looking to improve your skills? Learn something new? Add to your services? Attract new opportunities? Explore or deepen your spirituality? Choose from the menu of quality Trainings listed below to create a beautiful life of fulfillment and meaning and inspire the lives of those around you. Each training you complete, provides you with personal growth, tools & gifts, the sense of direction you need. Experience a beautiful willingness that welcomes greater possibility to claim your better life! Our amazing trainings are available online, live via Zoom or in person at Divine Love Institute.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. ” ― Walt Disney

Success Stories

Founded in 2008, Divine Love Institute is a Health & Wellness Center located in Hollywood, Florida and is founded on the concept of individual empowerment as a part of one's healing. As Co-Founder of Divine Love I always say that we attract only the best clients. Below is a sample of what our clients have to say about the training they have received from us.

Sam J.

NLP Practitioner

"Nancy is very professional ... this training is now helping me and my clients bring out our best in relationships, health, careers and even finances. I would definitely recommend Nancy Duke to anyone who is looking to empower themselves through NLP, Hypnosis, Akashic Records or other holistic healing modalities. Thank you Nancy!


Xieria T

Akashic Records

"I completed Akashic Records I, Hypnosis, NLP Basic and Master Certification Courses and Reiki I and II with Nancy. The experience and noticeable improvements were mind blowing. The trainings helped me to immediately begin transforming my life ... I originally enrolled in the courses to learn new ways to help myself but the techniques and proven results makes it irrestible for me to extend my services to others."


Alexis Ortiz


Since I have been taking Hypnosis and NLP, I am calmer and have clearer thinking patterns. I am more aware of my thoughts, actions and emotions. I notice I now use better communication words and ask better questions, listen better and not react. I have better control, more focus and am making better decisions.


Rahz S

Rahn Motivates, Author

My impression of the NLP Program was great. Nancy made the training engaging, easy to follow and connected the program to my specific goal for the program. I was pleased with Nancy's knowledge and caring delivery. I would 100% continue my education with Nancy.


Suzanne R

NLP Practitioner

This class is life altering from both an awareness level and a developmental level ... combining knowledge, techniques and personal goals to achieve new levels of understanding and well-being. Your willingness to constantly adjust to our level of comprehension ensures comfort and enhanced learning. I can't wait for the next class!


Wendy S

NLP Practitioner

Excellent class to bring a greater awareness of how we create our reality and how we can transform it quickly to what we desire by using and applying these techniques for oneself and for others!


Jayme F

NLP Practitioner

I always keep my mind open for new ways of self-improvement and and this is one class that has definitely opened up my mind. Looking forward to seeing how this is going to affect me in my relationships with people in the future.


Bethany P

NLP Practitioner

NLP is an amazing and comprehensive program that is life-changing! An amazing class taught by a dynamic instructor. It went beyond my expectations. I enjoyed every minute! Nancy Duke is a terrific individual! Thank you!


Taylor P

NLP Practitioner

I enjoyed this class very much. I learned a lot of valuable information. Nancy is a great teacher and I greatly appreciated her knowledge throughout the duration of the class

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